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When we think of our Intuition, our focus often rests on our thoughts and what messages we receive in our mind. However, our environment can play a big role in our ability to perceive what our Aha! Factor has to say.

Here are 5 tips to create an environment that is conducive to helping you receive clear guidance from you Aha! Factor:


1. Clear Clutter

We often hear the advice to have a clutter free environment. Our physical space most often reflects our mental mind as well. So if you are living in a mess in your house, your mind is in a similar level of overwhelm as well.

In addition to this, each object in your physical environment holds vibrational energy. When you have stacks of bills that stress you out, old things you no longer use, broken things laying around you have many extra cross currents of old or irrelevant vibration cluttering up your energy field and blocking your ability to easily receive clear guidance.

Take some time and pile by pile toss what you no longer need. This works so well that you will often get clarity and intuitive guidance as you clean!

2. Add in the 4 elements of earth, water, air and fire

Intuitive energy interacts with all aspects of our environment. And when you have representation of the 4 elements – earth, water, air and fire in each room you will naturally create an environment that is both balanced and nourishing to your energetic well being. For the element of earth you can have plants, crystals, or stones. For water a nice fountain, goldfish bowl or even a pretty chalice of water on a home altar is a great addition. For fire candles will always do the trick. And for air burning your favorite incense is a great way to add in that element. When you combine these together you will feel a sense of balance and comfort that will enable your intuitive senses to come in loud and clear.

3. Smudge often

The Native American practice of smudging has become quite commonplace for many. Take dried white sage, light the tips so that smoke starts to rise and then go around your room with it, clearing out all of the old energy. Be sure to open your windows and let the old energy out! And once you are done remember to set an intention for the room by saying “I now intend for this space to joyfully produce abundance, love, new opportunities, health,” or whatever you desire at the time. It’s probably better to choose one or two things per room based on what you use the room for.


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4. Salt in Corners

Salt is considered to be a protective element and to ward off harsh energy. So when you are finished cleaning and clearing take a bit of sea salt and place it in each of the corners of the room with the intention that your space is protected and devoted to you and your intuitive energy without interference.

5. Don’t skimp on the little things

Take a look around and ask yourself if you feel that your space is helping the happy flow of your intuitive energy or not. Often times we will skimp on things in our environment and put ourselves on hold. This is the time to add in a piece or two that feel really meaningful and significant to you. So that you have a strong energetic focal point in each room that reflects your highest joy. It does not have to be expensive but it should feel meaningful for you.

By incorporating these simple steps into your home and work environments you will greatly boost the flow of your intuition and all of your energetic communication systems that make up your Aha! Factor.

Do you have your own ways to create an Intuition friendly environment in your home? Share in the comments below!

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