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The Aha! Moments Radio Show

The Aha Moments Radio Show and Podcasts


Join us live each week for exciting new shows with topics that help you to live a happy and purposeful life. Our shows cover a variety of topics that Mariana teaches and dynamic guests with great messages that we think are worth sharing.

Mari also does readings on her live shows for audience members who call in.


Tune in each Tuesday 4pm pacific/7pm eastern

Listen Online: www.BlogTalk

Call In Live: 347 215-9485


You can also listen to hundreds of hours of the show podcasts on:



We have had such notable guests as:

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Dr. Joe Vitale

Lisa Nichols

James Van Praagh

Sandra Anne Taylor

Bob Proctor

Shakti Gawain

Bernie Siegel

Dr. Dain Heer

And over 100 others!


How to be a Guest on The Aha! Moments Radio Show

We are honored to get submissions from around the world from those who would like to potentially be guests on The Aha! Moments Radio Show!

We are very selective and generally accept about 10 guests per year for the show that we think will be a great fit for our Aha! Global Community.

That being said we are always open to learning more about guests who think they would be a good fit for the show.


  1. Please listen to the show! We are amazed at how many people want to be on the show but have never listened to an episode. Archived shows are free to listen to at this address
  1. Please send Name, Bio, Website, Social Media addresses, you tube page etc. via email along with the reason why you feel you or your client would be a good fit for the show
  1. We are basically seeking published authors, inspirational and motivational speakers who are thought leaders in their fields of expertise
  1. Please email the following information to [email protected] and put “Radio Show Guest Submission” in the subject line.
  1. If selected as a guest we will ask for a copy of your book so that Mariana can read it if she has not already. You can send to the address on our contact us page.
  1. We ask that all guests who appear on our show let their own communities know that they will be on the show via email and social media. We will provide you with show description, links and call in numbers for your audience to participate.
  1. Show guests also have the option to advertise on the show at reduced rates. If this is of interest, please request a media kit via email at [email protected]