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While meditation, going out to the ocean or doing yoga are pretty popular choices for us when we want to recharge our energetic frequency, there are several other ways to boost things up to invigorate you, tune you into your intuition and ignite your vibration to magnetically create a smooth day.


Here are five unlikely things to do that can give you a huge boost to your wnergetic frequency without a lot of effort:


1. Stop Adulting and Take Some Time to Play

It is time to take a cue from the highest frequency people on the planet, the kids! Children know how to stay present, engage all of their senses and lose track of time.

Set aside some time each day to play!

You can engage in things like flying a kite, silly board games, taking a fun art class or your favorite sport. The important thing is to be active and lose track of time.

By adding in some playtime you give your frequency time to rise and replenish. And you may be surprised at the intuitive insights you get while you give your mind some free time.


2. Take a Nap

Shut it down! Cat naps of 20 minutes or so are awesome for giving your frequency some time to replenish.

You can actually program yourself to get some insight on issues that may be stressing you out by just writing in a notebook prior to closing your eyes. Ask a question to gather some insight from your dreams while you sleep.

How easy is that?


3. Just Say No

If you really want to feel a jump in your frequency, give yourself permission to say NO to demands on your time or people who are over stepping their boundaries. Not only is it mentally empowering, but it is energetically powerful as well.

When you say no you actually clear out frequencies that can weigh you down and trip off a whole host of other low vibration coping skills. Who needs that? Just say no and keep moving!


4. Get Up and Dance

Turn up the music and move! Taking the time to engage your body in movement accompanied by music involves multiple senses and gives a mega boost to your frequency. Whether you take a formal class, hit the clubs or just crank up the music in your house and freestyle it out, dance can make your heart sing!

And when your heart is happy your frequency goes sky high!


5. Smell the Roses

Roses have one of the highest frequencies of all aromatherapy scents. You can easily incorporate this scent into your day with incense, adding rose water to your bath, dabbing on rose aromatherapy oil or buying yourself a fresh bouquet.

For a special treat you can also indulge in a cup of rose flavored tea. De-stress and give your frequency a nice boost at the same time!

When you engage your Frequency First, life can go so much smoother!


Do you have a special way of giving your frequency a boost? Let us know in the comments below!



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