Get Your Aha! Updates

Do you ever feel like you believe intuition exists, but you rarely seem to get clear messages yourself? This is one of the most common concerns that most have when they are seeking to strengthen their intuition and energetic communication abilities.

Well don’t despair, because whether you actually perceive them or not, you are always getting messages sent your way. Your intuition is a built-in energetic communication system, just like your respiratory, endocrine or circulatory systems. It never turns off.

So if that is true how do you “get the message,” when it feels like your Aha! Factor is on radio silence?

Here are 5 top ways to be able to turn up the volume on the messages coming your way:

1. Get Moving

Believe it or not, exercising is one of the very best ways to kick your intuitive abilities into high gear. When you exercise, your body goes into a semi-meditative state as you get hyper-focused on what you are doing.

Your physical mind takes a back seat as it gets distracted with your activity and that gives your intuition the space to drop in messages that you can easily recognize.

When you standardize your activity, like with walking, running, swimming etc – it gives a good steady backdrop for a new vibrant idea or insight to pop in and actually be seen. Compare that to when you are all over the place, multitasking and there is so much going on that you can’t discern the difference between your racing physical mind and the whispering of your intuition.

2. Music

Your digital mp3 player could hold the key to discerning your intuition. Create a playlist of instrumental music that encourages your physical mind to take a back seat for a bit. New age, world beats, music with binaural beats injected and nature sounds such as the ocean, rainfall or a babbling brook are all perfect for giving your intuitive senses an opportunity to present you with the day’s worth of downloads of messages and insights.

3. Good Ole Paper and Pen

One of my top ways to get clarity and kick my energetic senses into high gear is to give them a blank page to express themselves. Get a special notebook and pen that you dedicate to your intuitive messages. Each day either when you wake up or before you go to sleep, journal about your concerns, ask your questions and then just write what you get. At first it may feel like it is your imagination, but if you stick with it your intuitive wisdom will kick into gear and send profound answers your way.


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4. Water, Water, Water

Believe it or not water is one of the most powerful amplifiers of intuitive messages and energetic communications. If you want to give yourself a clean slate and boost intuitive messages that are coming your way, drink a glass of water. Also if possible get to a body of water, breathe deeply and let yourself get still and quiet. This is the perfect invite for your intuition to turn up its volume.

5. Ask for Guidance

When you are in a tailspin, it is very easy to forget that you need to actually ask for guidance. Your intuitive energy and guidance waits for you to ask a question. It is best to ask “intuition friendly” questions, such as “What do I need to know most right now?” “What is the most efficient way for me to solve this issue?” “What is my next step in this situation?” Or “What is my key to getting complete clarity around this issue?” By asking the right questions, you empower your intuition to give you expansive guidance that will see you through.

Start to incorporate these 5 tips into your day and see just how quickly the volume on your Aha! Factor turns up!

Do you have your own ways to get clear intuitive messages? Let us know in the comments below!


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