Aha! Factor Online Course with Mariana

Have you ever put off your own dreams and desires because you felt like they did not really matter and you had to be “realistic”?

Have you had hunches or intuitive hits about things in your life that you ignored only to regret it?

Felt like your answers to your prayers have been delayed?

Have feelings that energetic messages may be coming your way but you are not sure how to receive or interpret them?

Wondering if things will ever come together?

Then be sure to join us for The Aha Factor Online Master Course:

The Step-by-Step System to Activate, Understand and Trust Your Energetic Communication System, the Little-Known Language of Answered Prayer

This is the companion course to Mariana’s book: The Aha! Factor: How to use your intuition to get what you desire and deserve.

In This New Master Course Based on the Detailed System That I Have Personally Lived and Outlined in My Book, The Aha! Factor, You Will Learn:

  • The truth about why you matter so much and your dreams coming to fruition are so important to the world and extend way beyond your personal pleasure
  • How desires are encoded with the energy that helps to bring them to fruition through you
  • The built-in energy fields that we are all operating from and how they connect us to each other and interact with us all the time, even in our sleep
  • The 5-part communication system that actually goes WAY beyond the basics of Intuition and enables you to have deep and meaningful energetic communication with your own personal guides as well as other people, animals, the earth and even the weather!
  • The way to recognize the language that is being used to bring you answers all day and all night long and how to interpret those answers with ease
  • How to recognize and eliminate the often hidden obstacles and struggles that come up along the way
  • You will be able to identify your dreams and bring them to fruition with so much less mental and physical effort when you incorporate your energetic systems into the mix!

This Charter Master Class Series Is for Those Who Are Truly Ready to Accelerate Their Dreams and Make a Big Contribution to Themselves and the World

Registration Is Now Open!

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